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3rd EU-Japan CSR Business Dialogue Meeting: The challenges and the way forward for responsible sourcing in third countries

Added on 16-10-2018

A new era for collaboration – what and how European and Japanese businesses can contribute to SDGs as a part of global supply chains

The 3rd EU-Japan CSR Business Dialogue Meeting, on 23 November 2018 in Brussels, will address how, by ensuring their global supply chains source responsibly in third countries, EU and Japanese companies can contribute to meeting the SDGs and will also create new opportunities for EU-Japan collaboration.

EU and Japanese industry recognise the importance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The 17 SDG goals exist to “promote prosperity while protecting the planet”. In 2016, EU and Japanese business organisations held the 1st EU-Japan CSR Business Dialogue Meeting to enhance mutual understanding of common societal issues, exchange best practice and ideas and facilitate cooperative relationships to address these and other issues.

Globalisation has transformed the way in which supply chains operate. With the support of technological developments, together with a rise in regional trade agreements, companies source products from all parts of the world. While providing extensive trading possibilities, companies also have the potential, and the obligation, to contribute to global sustainability. The question is how to better engage and support businesses in their sustainability efforts towards achieving the SDGs?

The EU-Japan CSR Business Dialogue enables companies to discuss challenges, share best practice and explore opportunities for business collaboration and leadership

Who will attend:

Business organisations and representatives of individual companies – people responsible for procurement, sustainability or strategic issues.

Why attend:

  • Identify key issues affecting industry and broader society with the EU and Japanese authorities, with the aim of shaping future public policy
  • Examine global supply chain sustainability challenges and potential solutions for companies; including how to translate SDGs into supply chain management
  • Forge potential new partnerships and alliances with key business and stakeholders

This day will bring together business organisations and company representatives, including procurement, sustainability, advocacy or strategic issues.

Event context:

Indeed, the recently agreed EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), expected to enter into force in 2019, contains a Trade and Sustainable Development chapter under which the EU and Japan may, “cooperate to promote corporate social responsibility, notably through the exchange of information and best practices, including on adherence, implementation, follow-up, and dissemination of internationally agreed guidelines and principles”.

This morning event takes the form of a business to business roundtable discussion and is connected to the afternoon’s EU-Japan Industrial Policy Dialogue Working Group on CSR meeting between the European Commission and Government of Japan. The discussion will focus on opportunities and challenges of responsible sourcing in SE Asia and third countries.

The conclusions from the morning’s roundtable discussion will be fed into the government to government formal Working Group meeting. The Working Group will also address CSR and SDG policy as well as other sustainability related subjects including Sustainable finance; Transparency and disclosure; and Trade and sustainability.


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For more information or to register, please contact Ryota Tsunemi via e-mail on or telephone at +32 2 286 5330, or see


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