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13 Leading Carriers and Shippers Start Working for Better Trucking

Monday, November 4, 2019

The 13 partners of the Collaborative Platform “Better Trucking” met on 9 October to discuss how to create better working conditions for European road transport workers and improve the image of the industry.  Join the Better Trucking consortium


13 partners of the newly launched collaborative platform “Better Trucking” had their first working group on 9 October. Bmw, Daimler, Deutsche Post- DHL, Ikea, Maersk, Raben, Scania, XPOLogistics, Volkswagen, Volvo Group and Volvo Car Corporation have started working together to investigate the poor working conditions present in European road transport.

The aim? The development of a work plan to ensure improvements in the working conditions of truck drivers. Group Members are currently looking at potential activities that could improve the standards of the industry, ensure legal compliance and build capacity in areas that would improve the image of the industry. The collaborative platform will also monitor the status of Mobility Package I that is currently being discussed at the EU Parliament on emission, vehicle taxation, driving and rest time rules amongst others. Partners will also ensure that all activities are aligned with any developments from the European institutions.

Better Trucking is still accepting new members interested in improving the social conditions of truck drivers in Europe.


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Daniel Lissoni

Project Manager