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Skills for Jobs

The European Business Campaign on Skills for Jobs aims to ''Make Europe the Best Place to Work'' by convening companies across Europe to provide a strong answer to compelling business risks related to skills and employability such as an ageing workforce, a growing skills gap and stagnating socio-economic development.

The campaign mobilises CSR Europe’s pan-European network of over 5,000 companies to scale up and improve existing company initiatives with four practical projects in two action areas:

1) Pathways to Jobs to reinforce the link between business and educational stakeholders

2) Workplace Innovation to optimise worker's employability and workability across life-stages  

The campaign aims to:

  • Motivate the network to promote employability, propose solutions to address skills gap, create new pathways to jobs and rethink careers taking demographic change into account
  • Convene partners to share best practices, engage in policy discussion, show innovative models of collaboration and allow all companies and partners to collaborate and better align their objectives. 

The four campaign projects are coordinated by CSR Europe and led by member companies and National Partner Organisations (NPOs) including HP, IBM, Intel, Huawei, Randstad, CSR Turkey and Impronta Etica.