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EU services for members

Interact with the EU: Be the first to know about the latest EU initiatives that might influence or impact your company strategy on CSR. Make your voices heard and your experiences count!

CSR Europe - A key Partner for EU engagement on CSR

To find out the overall goals of the CSR Europe EU Team consult CSR Europe's EU brochure

EU Update Calls

CSR Europe organises EU update calls whenever there is a need to communicate important CSR policy activity at EU level. These are members-only, dial-in webinars, which allow our members to hear our insight into the latest CSR developments, debate and ask questions that might impact their companies. Between January 2011 and December 2013 there were 22 EU Update Calls, of which 70% of members participated in at least one.

EU Issues

CSR Europe provides regular briefing publications that provide timely and relevant information on key CSR policy developments at European Institution level.

Updates on CSR Europe’s future meetings with European Institutions and their representatives

CSR Europe regularly meets with representatives of Directorate-Generals in the European Commission as well as members of the European Parliament, in order to strategically position and influence CSR policy and explore potential collaboration opportunities.

Take the opportunity to meet with EU officials and services to share your concerns, advice and expectations on future EU initiatives.

EU consultation and EU-member networking and stakeholder dialogues

CSR Europe helps members engage directly with EU institutions, namely through organising regular, high-level meetings with leaders of the European Commission’s Directorate-Generals (DGs). Through the CSR Europe stakeholder dialogue service, the presence, involvement and interaction of EU officials can also provide a valuable and enriching experience for any member organisation.


For more information please contact Lorena Sorrentino